Better search engine ranking with these easy SEO Steps

Make your business fly past competitors online with these SEO tips

Google ranking improvements should be done on a daily basis to shoot past your competition online

Everyone has a website but not everyone has a winning SEO strategy. Here we give you a few tips on how you can better your website to shoot past your competitors online.

Google uses algorithms that get updated on a daily basis to rank websites on their content validity. There is so many aspects at play once you do get a website for your African business and you need to look at what your marketing strategy is going to be. Will you be advertising for local businesses or do a few social media marketing boosts. Will you be going the Google Adword way or will you be using the latest in video marketing to get quick response from people interested in your business or are you just going to concentrate on pushing your organic traffic with relevant content.

Website Content is King!


Content is what google wants to see, awesome content is the one thing that matches search intent. It means that optimizing content to speak more about what your business does is one of the most important things to do. The more relevant factors you take into account, the better rankings you will see. If you sell dog shampoo, to rank higher on google you need to have relevant content on what dog shampoo is best for what dog, or how long is shampoo supposed to be on your puppies before you wash it off. Engaging your audience will make google see you as a more relevant source of information regarding DOGGIES and their SHAMPOO and thus your google ranking will improve for these keywords.

Keywords are King too!! Do your research


I know, I know, some say that keyword research is obsolete. I would say that keyword stuffing is obsolete (for sure) and exact keyword matching is not that important due to the flourishing existence of semantic search. But comparing your website keyword density to that of your competitors can improve your ranking a lot, and if you keep it relevant and don’t just write all the keywords in a row, your ranking will be escalated even more.

Keywords are absolutely necessary. They are beacons for your visitors. They guide them to your site. The thing is, the research methods as well as keyword implementation should be more sophisticated. Like I said, we don’t just drop a ton of keywords in a row. Compilation is key! And having structured data does help push tyou to the next level or ranking on Google.

Search Intention


Google takes search intent very seriously. When someone searches for Woolworths, the search engine assumes that they need a woolies store nearest to them. As a result, the search listings are shaped this way. Plus, if the searcher is not quite satisfied with search listings, Google serves some further ideas in Related searches, and clicks that go to the related searches actually helps their ranking.

Following Google’s lead, you have to do the same, make sure you understand your audience to give them the best results. Fortunately, you do not have to actually guess, search intent is segmentable, and there are a few sure ways to check what people are looking for. The one way is to be the people, open google and search for what your business sells. See who ranks higher for what you sell and go and analyse their site as to why google ranks them higher. Go through their content to understand what is it what google sees in them and not your business.

Backlinks the best of optimisation

Many things change and transform in Search Engine Optimisation, but backlinks are the good old faithful of Web ranking, they stay one of the most important ranking signals for Google. It is true that you can’t earn high positions in SERPs by link schemes — Google is not amused by them at all. However, a quality link profile works really fine for any site. Sometimes, only this factor is enough for out-SERPing better optimized sites.

The problem is, it is quite hard to build quality links as well as do it in a short period of time. Making people link to you is a particular kind of high art. You have to pretty much promise promotional gear and freebees but there are many free backlink sites that can make you rank higher quickly without selling a kidney.

User Experience and Security

dissatisfying user experience with website

Judging from my own experience. When I can’t find something on the site or get confused by inconvenient navigation, I explode with uncontrollable fury, i turn green and swing my mothers little Atos around till the fury in me subsides. And if a page loads for a few seconds, im cooking ! At the same time, I experience aesthetic delight at visually rich sites and intuitive navigation. It seems that I’m not standalone in this situation. Today we get quite picky when it comes to UX (User Experience), both on desktop and mobile.It is the one thing that can but you apart from your competition. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), people are looking for something, let them find it, and quickly, with as little as possible clicking.


search engine optimisation conclusion

These are just a few signals that SEO-ers consider important to Google and its ranking of your business. Whatever you do,take your time and make sure you are covering the relevant stuff in your line of work, get it out there and make sure google knows about it. You will be shooting past your competition on google in no time!!


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