Social Media Marketing For Your Company

Social media marketing is one of the most valuable tools in your internet marketing arsenal for building a community and engaging with your customers. At AfriSEO, we can manage, optimize, and grow every aspect of your social media online presence so you can focus on running your business. Social media management is not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. Nor is it something you can run based on gut instincts or what you “feel” your community wants to see. Our strategies are based on observable metrics so we can quickly answer the needs of your potential customers by delivering the content, information, and interaction they want, so that you can get results from your potential clients.

What Social Media Platforms Should Your Company Use?


A Facebook Page for your business makes you more discoverable and creates a hub for connecting with your audience. Facebook Ads and consistently posting timely content are great ways to get more exposure for your company.


You can use Instagram to express your business visually. The platform offers several tools to help you engage with customers in a new way. This network is growing extremely fast, so you can tell your story to a captive audience.


You can do a lot with Tweet, a hashtag, and a simple picture. Twitter for businesses reaches straight out to people who want to discover new products, find special deals, and make a purchase from the companies they follow.


LinkedIn is focused solely on creating business connections, and this is an important network for building your brand and establishing relationships. Businesses can use LinkedIn to share content, stay current with trends, and connect with industry leaders.


People go to Pinterest to discover something new. Rich Pins make it easy to share everything from products to recipes, and the visual content you create and share on your boards can encourage users to try to your products.


You may have heard that Google+ is a ghost town, and it’s hard to dispute that description. However, Google hasn’t given up on the platform yet, so neither should you. There is still a lot of SEO value and community presence here.


Why Do You Need Social Media for Your Business?

There is a huge opportunity to reach your customers through these platforms, but many companies feel overwhelmed by so many different options. At AfriSEO, we can manage all your accounts so you don’t have to. And social marketing is a beast of another color, we do this daily so we know how to engage socially with potential clients.

Social Media Brand and Conversation Monitoring

As part of our social media management services, we will constantly monitor your social streams for mentions, reviews, questions, and complaints. This is an important part of the process because it is tied directly to your online reputation.

This information can help improve interactions with your community by providing insights and suggestions for publishing and responding to your audience.

Creating Your Social Media and Publishing Strategy

AfriSEO is a social media management company that can work closely with you to improve your campaign’s ROI and cost per lead. Our experts use performance-based strategies to create the strategy that will work for your business.

We will start by looking at the competition in the industry and how they’re using their social channels. Then we can provide a range of social media management packages that include everything from simply helping you generate ideas to producing and publishing the relevant and timely content you need. We also have designers in house that can help create some great graphic designs that attract immediate attention.



Making Your Social Media a Profitable Marketing Channel

It isn’t enough to just post images and links and hope for the best. The most profitable and effective campaigns will the 5 “Be’s” of social media:

  1. Be creative
  2. Be entertaining
  3. Be engaging
  4. Be responsive
  5. Be relevant

A social media strategy should be able to help your customers throughout the entire sales funnel. You can help them realize they actually need your products or services by asking important questions. You can guide them through the consideration phase by showing off the benefits of your products or services. You can even improve customer retention when they follow your social media after a great experience with your company.

Don’t Forget YouTube

Many people don’t really think of YouTube as one of the standard social media networks, but the fact is that they share many of the same characteristics. You post content, others react to it, and you react to them reacting. Messages can be sent, and the content can be quickly shared. It doesn’t get more social than that.

However, since YouTube is a little different because video SEO is also possible, which means that one piece of content will last a lot longer and generate more interaction for weeks, months, or even years.

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